For a Limited Time Only

Here in Montana, and I’m sure lots of other places, we’re ready for winter to be over.   It’s time for clear trails, warm sun and something green and growing.  But I have to admit, there’s awesome trade offs to all this cold. 

Coco doesn’t always like the cold either.  Mom makes her wear a sweater, sometimes a sweater and a coat, but I tell her it’s for her own good.  Typical kid, she doesn’t believe me.  

Surprisingly, she loves poking around the edges of the river, playing with leaves and feathers floating by, soaking her feet and seeming oblivious that the water is just degrees above freezing. Sadly, she likes walking through muddy curbs and gutters too.  She slips and slides on ice just like I do, but she’s lower to the ground and doesn’t mind.  It’s worth it for her to be out exploring, sniffing and discovering new things to taste.

The river provides the most dramatic artwork.  It changes with each freeze and thaw.  There are three river parks that we visit and a couple of canals, and there’s always something to see.  Sometimes I have to take pictures quickly before Coco caves in a pretty formation.   Many are such a marvel I can hardly believe them, and if I don’t snap a shot right then it may never appear the same again.  I’ve gone to check on decorative ice days later and it’s either gone, reformed into something else amazing, or completely gone, the river’s edge thawed and water flowing fast. 

You’ve gotta love other seasons for the same reasons.   Spring will bring short-lived joys also, tulips and apple blossoms.  They’ll be gone before we know it.  Green grass, lilacs and wildflowers will fade into summer and we’ll complain about the heat, and then miss it when the first frost comes.  Love the blessings of all of them.  To every thing there is a season.  


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