Tough Montanans

Like most of the upper half of the country, we think spring is taking her sweet time coming.  Here it is April and we got 5 inches of snow today.  Of course, it’s early in the season, but enough already!  Here in Montana most of us have outdoor things to do and won’t let a little cold, nasty weather stop us.  At least not most of the time.

I learned this week that, before any green leaves have popped out and only the slightest bit of green grass is showing, it’s the best time for fishing!  But long before grass showed itself, often too covered in snow to be seen, I’ve seen hardy Montanans out there fishing, wading over the ice-caked shoreline and into the riffles.  This last week fishing rafts are coming out.

 I don’t know if it’s fish those rugged ones are after or they just want to be relaxing in the middle of a Montana stream.  The scenery can’t be beat.  And the tradeoffs are worth it!  Having the river to yourself is paradise, the only sound besides the rippling water being an occasional goose honk. 

Ice shelves and floating crystals only decorate the river’s edge in hard winter.  Walking a quiet, snow-packed trail and seeing no one is a treat.  That won’t be happen come spring. 

Coco and I venture out daily, often visiting one of the river trails, though Coco prefers wading at a river’s edge, not on the trail.  I try to be a good mom as she spends the better part of our outings swatting at floating leaves and feathers.  I don’t know how she does it in 30-degree temperatures.  There are many drainage ditches along the roads and trails here, and Coco is just as happy slopping around in those.

Sometimes Montanans want to get out in the woods so bad they don’t make good decisions.  Like me thinking the road to a recommended hiking trail would be thawed. 

Guess I haven’t been here long enough to not do stupid things  😦 I was able to turn around and not get stuck. Sure was pretty though! I’ll send pics of that road when trails are dry, grass is green and fresh leaves blow in a warm breeze!

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