Road Trip with Mom

I always love going in the truck with mom.  It always means we’ll go for a walk some place where I can poke around and smell all the smells and get my feet wet and chase feathers.  Usually.  Yesterday, though, we just drove and drove.  Sometimes fast and sometimes slow.  Mom grumbled about ice and something called fog.  We finally stopped at one place that kinda smelled familiar but we didn’t stay long.  There was snow but no river to wade in.

We finally got to a place where mom wasn’t driving long, just lots of little stops.  She got out of the truck a lot and didn’t take me.  One place she brought back some French fries in a napkin and they were yummy!   One place she took me with her inside a building with some people who all petted me.  There were big yellow things that I remember seeing before.

I slept a lot.  I had on my warm sweater so I was fine but I didn’t need that much sleep. 

And then we finally went to a house where I could go in but not off my leash.  Some things called cats live there and one was supposed to be mean.  Another one swatted me and made a funny noise.  I wanted to play with one but it just wasn’t sure about me so we didn’t get to be friends.

Before more driving to go home mom finally took me to our favorite park on the lake.  We couldn’t find the lake though.   We walked all over and there were still fun smells and icy rocks and places to poke.  I found a couple good feathers but no water.  Mom didn’t say where the lake went but I sure wish I could have had a cold drink and played in it.  

Then lots more driving and sleeping.  I was sure glad to get home!


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