Montana Travel Blog – We arrived!

This is Payne Creek, which runs about 30 feet from the cabin.  Lots of drippy, rain foresty hikes to take here and Coop drank and poked around in as many pools as I’d let him.  I kept the poor guy on a leash the whole time due to recent bear activity.

Then we headed to the Bull Lake, about ten miles south of Troy.  I told friends at work I planned to see a moose on my trip, and, sure enough, saw a nice bull moose splashing along the edge of the lake.


I’d have missed see him if hadn’t been splashing.  Luckily there was a good place to pull off the highway and get a picture, a butt shot but awesome just the same 😀

I kept an eye out for him after we launched but the willows are thick there and we didn’t see him again.  Even the locals said it was a treat to see one.  As soon as we headed across the lake it started raining.  I was prepared and had a great time.  Coop got wet and I can never tell if he’s having fun or not 😉





We did a lot of driving around during our exploring, as in LOST, but the scenery was great and it was intended to be an adventure, so we considered our vacation a success!



2 thoughts on “Montana Travel Blog – We arrived!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and time to relax up there, beautiful scenery! Enjoy for me too!
    Your dogs is having fun as long as his tail is wagging. LOL


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