Montana Travel blog – Getting there!

Turned out to be a pretty day for the start of our road trip, despite the bleak forecast.   IMG_9491

We did drive through areas of rain and it was snowing on the higher hills but overall a nice day to start vacation!


This pretty spot was at Trout Creek, new territory for me.


The main objective today, other than finding the cabin, was to see the cedars at Ross Creek.  Well worth the stop.IMG_9528.JPG

Though chilly, it was a lovely walk, damp and misty, which seemed appropriate.  Hard to believe there was ever a fire danger in this lush, green valley.


Things grow happy and big here!


Coop had a good time and said “thank you!”


We did, eventually, find the cabin.  Coop settled right in.  The plan for tomorrow is to kayak and see a moose!




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