After All These Years…

…I’m still fascinated with snow flakes. Some things a Phoenix girl just can’t get enough of. I de-dust mite my critters a couple of times a year by putting them outside when it gets down into the teens. Some delicate snow drifted under my front roof and decorated some of my menagerie recently. They land on Cooper and are easy to see on his brown coat when conditions are right, but he doesn’t hold still for pictures likes these guys –
Think how many of these soft crystals it takes to do this!!!!
This is where I went skiing earlier this week – a big, mostly flat golf course with the snowy mountains in the background. We even had some sun that day, a major treat!
We had more frozen fog this week, but instead of feathers, we got spikes.
Gotta find whatever silver, spiky, frosty linings we can up here in the cold, and so far this new year I’ve found billions – all in the form of crystals!!!


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