Come and Gone

Just like that, 2015 is over. Hard to believe! Looking back on it there were certainly some moments that I thought would never end, it’s not been the best year for me, but most of it flew by! And hope springs eternal – 2016 could be my magic year! The year is ending on a white note, which is as it should in Northwest Montana. I’m on Christmas break, missing “my” kids. Last week there were icicles on the bus and views that make me miss the driving.
Bus Collage
Naturally, my four-legged kids love the snow!
snow Collage
I took girls’ basketball to Missoula earlier in the month, when we were in our “fog” period. I walked downtown and found some of the scenery quite lovely, like the old Milwaukee Road train station along the iced-up river, and a pretty church steeple, of which Missoula has several.
Ski Collage
It’s ski club time on the Big Mountain, and I took kids up the day after school was over – these pics may look familiar. I always enjoy seeing “my” Whitefish train station and the cute little house I used to rent there.
Whitefish Collage
Vacation time is for snowshoeing, one of my favorite things, and I went out on Saturday. The kids found deer bones to chew and refused to walk, one of their favorite things!
Snowshoe Collage
I have six more days off – I intend to enjoy them thoroughly while mentally listing my New Year’s resolutions, the first of which is to watch for that coming magic. I wish each of you a splash of the same magic, and we can compare notes same time next year!


2 thoughts on “Come and Gone

  1. Always love your post and pictures! Wishing I was there and I am sure you wishing to be here at the beach! Here is to 2016 for us all!!! 🙂


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