Winter Travels

More winter road trips. If the roads are clear it’s easy to enjoy the winter-wonderland scenery. If the roads are bad you have to watch them every second and then winter totally stinks 🙂 It can go either way. My trip last week had good roads. The kids had a “healthy choices” day and my group went snowshoeing. Other kids went skiing, skating, bowling, and swimming, and one lucky group went to a hot springs. I was able to tromp around on packed paths and got my exercise. This is the same place I went last spring and probably posted pics – very near where I first lived in Montana. The kids grouped up for a year book picture before we left.
Lone Pine Collage
Saturday I took the wrestling team to a small town called Thompson Falls. I don’t know if there are falls there but there’s a beautiful river, now partially frozen. Yes, it was as cold as it looks, and snowed hard while we were there. We drove there and back in the dark on bad roads – very stinky.
T Falls Collage
I would have included pictures of today’s sunshine – so rare we all marvel at it – but you all would have laughed so I refrained. Lots of winter left and we are fighting cabin fever as best we can up here!


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