Then and Now

Yesterday I drove another group of kids up to Glacier Park for snowshoeing.  Still lots of snow and ice but much warmer and prettier, unless you prefer fog.  The ice was doing weird things – I’ve never seen ice form like this, must be from waves?  Chunks ranged from 1 inch to about 6 inches and some made great skipping stones:


IMG_7411The sun was just hitting the mountains when we got there and the lake was smooth as glass.  I can’t help but take dozens of pictures when it’s that pretty!


IMG_7423And, though I can’t seem to get the pics side by side, below are fog and no-fog shots from the same spot so you can see what the fog was hiding!

Then:IMG_7286Now:IMG_7416Then:IMG_7284And now:IMG_7419And now you know why I love going there!  Can’t wait for the next excuse to drive kids up there!


5 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Nice to get paid for going to Glacier National Park! 🙂 Beautiful pictures! I’ve seen that kind of ice on rivers so It must have something to do with moving water.


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