Crowd Scenes

Lucky me, I took another bus to the ski slopes in Whitefish, and with four weeks left to the season I sure hope I get to go again!  I’m hoping this is a better portrayal of the activity going on there than my last tranquil-looking pictures!  And this time I got a lift ticket, complimentary for bus drivers, and rode to the summit, where coffee tasted better than I’ve ever had it.  Guessing the temp was a single digit, the ride up was more than cold in a few places where the wind hit the lift full force.  Which made the coffee absolutely necessary  🙂 I rode up with a group of very nice Canadian gals.

Ski lift CollageSki slopes are good places to people watch.  Being a Phoenix girl I never learned to downhill ski, and I really admire the grace, skill, and coordination of some of those skiers.  Watching the kids in different stages of training and all the patient parents is a pleasure!

Crowd CollageI had not seen snow making in action, interesting and noisy!

Snow CollageThis time the weather, sun wise, was fully cooperative and I made the most of my day.  If anyone told me even a year ago I’d be spending the day at Big Mountain waiting for kids I took up in a school bus I never would have believed them!!!


3 thoughts on “Crowd Scenes

  1. Hard to believe I was one of those in the crowd at one point in my life. Certainly an exhilarating atmosphere!
    And no, I wouldn’t have believed it either!


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