It’s Here!


It doesn’t feel like spring but it looks like it! Gotta grab what we can 🙂 There are daffodils coming up everywhere – my yard, the neighbor’s yard, and all over in town. Tulips won’t be far behind! Fritallaries and star flowers are doing the wild flower thing and bitterroots are showing their green skirts, long before they grace us with their blooms.

Life is pretty quiet up here, not much to report. I dropped my bus off yesterday to get some painting done on it and, lucky me, while I waited for a ride home I had the company of two doggies who had designated spots on the couch to watch the scenery. Both were in and out of my lap at one point or another. Later I drove some kids to the aquatic center and watched typical spring squalls of corn snow blow around by the mountains.



I hope all is peaceful in your worlds, blessed Easter to all!


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