One Man’s Junk…

…could be this girl’s treasure 😊  I’ve always liked repurposing used, worn out, or just old stuff.  I often get frustrated at this point in my life because my house is “done.”  The walls are full and faux painted, every nook and cranny filled, available floor space covered.  But once in a while a fun project presents itself that I can still try to work into my decor.

Coop and I went out for a leisurely kayak ride on “our” little lake and…


We found junk!


I couldn’t imagine initially what I was pulling out of the water, a mess of wire stuffed under a tree that was only accessible from the water.  Oh boy, a mangled bed frame!  There was a homestead years ago on the lake, so either it came from them or some low life who thought it was okay to dump their trash in the lake.  At any rate, I fished it out and was thrilled to take it home.

I also have a couple of bed springs from a bed frame sticking out of the dirt on a trail that runs through the hills behind the lake, just a corner poking up, something to surely ruin a tire.   I’ve had 3 of my dogs back in the woods on that trail so the springs I was able to pull off that little corner have sentimental value 😊.  And, yes, I’ve tried pulling up the whole frame but no luck…


I use Pinterest for lots of ideas but still manage to come up with a few of my own.   I’ve been having fun putting other supposedly useless items to use with the springs, including insulators and other pieces of wrought iron (pieces of fence and old lamps that I’ve collected).








So there it is – my latest effort to reuse junk.  I haven’t worked all of it into my home’s decor yet but it’s fun trying!



8 thoughts on “One Man’s Junk…

  1. You are just so clever. I would never be able to think of all those things. Now if you could just sell some of them. Someone not as smart as you would love to have some for their patio I would think.


  2. Simply amazing! Love the little plant holder. And if memory serves, the blue glass is from the top of a telephone pole right?


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