Home Fires

Can’t complain about a brutal winter with snow and icy roads this year in Montana.  Holy cow, except for a mean blast in October, we’ve had no winter to speak of.  The weekend before Christmas temps rose into the 50s.  This works fine for a school bus driver!  😊

I must say the snow makes things prettier.  Here’s my kitchen view with and without:



Even a light dusting reveals traffic info, like the turkeys that pass through, so I don’t mind that at all.  It also reveals unidentified tracks that are fun to ponder – like maybe the foxes are back!


Coop doesn’t care either way as long as the fire’s going.  I keep it stoked and he keeps toasty.  Nothing better than a happy dog.


We’ve gone back to winter temps now, in the low 20s this morning with an ugly, low overcast.  Still no snow in sight.  Me and Coop are good at bundling up and making the most of it.  Our hard work and free exercise over the past eight months have paid off with plenty of wood to keep our home fires burning!

20191226_130850 (2)


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