Recycling Spirit

The holiday spirit came to me by way of recycling this year! I’m going to have some trees removed from my property and had to clear some little firs to make room for skidding out the bigger ponderosas that will be coming down. Those little firs have gotten more crowded every year and I’ve thinned them before – always just before the holidays so that the nice ones can go to a loving home for the holiday! Those pink ribbons mark trees that have to go – mostly for fire/fuel reduction but also to leave the healthier ones to thrive.

IMG_9658I cut down nine little firs and the tops were all perfect trees to decorate. All of them found good homes, including the very tippy top of one I’m using for a Christmas tree on my porch. It looks better in person šŸ™‚

IMG_9759 Lots of the wonderfully scented lower branches also found their way into centerpieces and garlands. It took several days to get all the little guys trimmed up. One of those days some turkeys came through.

IMG_9656Cooper helped, of course!

IMG_9662The lower trunks will be next year’s firewood. Win/win!

IMG_9690The last day, as I loaded my truck with trees to be delivered, a young buck stopped by to see what was going on in his woods.


In the spirit of the season, happy holidays to everyone! May you receive lots of love, plenty of gifts, and more than enough dessert!

Snoopy dessert


3 thoughts on “Recycling Spirit

  1. You certainly live in the woods. Must have been great fun when the turkeys and the buck came by to visit. Who else gets those kind of visitors.


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