Sunday in Montana

Time’s a wasting, it’s already mid-June, and I needed to get outside today!  Home improvements swallowed my spring time but it’s summer and it’s time to go play.  The flooring is done and so is the unpacking and cleaning!   Coop and I headed west for a change, having been told the wildflowers in the foothills are spectacular this year, so off we went.  For some reason I had Chicago’s song “Saturday in the Park” playing in my head.  Fine road music!  Bluebirds, as well as red-winged blackbirds and meadowlarks, were in abundance but none liked to pose as much as this guy.  If it weren’t for the old trucks in the background (so Montana) this guy would be in an award-winning picture but it’s still a fun shot!

IMG_9260.JPGScenery all the way was fabulous.  The sun was about right so I enjoyed stopping and taking pics!



The river is running fast this time of year but we found a nice little backwater spot to have lunch and enjoy the view!  And the flowers were beautiful, especially the lupine.  Coop wasn’t interested in posing…




Nice hiking area.


Here’s a little game of “Where’s Cooper” for you 🙂


To top off the day I took a little nap in the truck.  Perfect!  Energized for the new week 🙂IMG_9291.JPG



5 thoughts on “Sunday in Montana

  1. Glad for your beautiful trip. You deserve a change from the rigors of home ownership. Love the bluebird. You were lucky with the weather.


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