Winter Exercise


For a Phoenix girl it’s been a brutal winter, weeks of teens and single-digit temperatures.  Coop only gets out on the weekends so I try to give him a good run both days.  I’m getting my exercise during the week in our city fire hall.  Lucky for me they have a good variety of weights and torture devices to choose from 🙂  Our fire department is all volunteer so I usually have the place to myself.  Which is too bad, ’cause there’s some cute guys that come and go back there.  I can’t wait for nicer weather and ice-free sidewalks so I can walk outside again but this is a fine way to spend some of my lunch hour when it’s only 12 degrees out.  img_9079


Today I worked up a sweat taking more wood up to the house.  That makes three times wood heats – cutting, dragging, and burning!
I try to give Coop a variety, mostly lately it’s at the lake – can’t get much better than that,



but I took him to the dog park yesterday for a change and, though none are pictured here, he got some socializing and rough and tumble time with a few other dogs.  It was a pretty day and I watched planes doing touch and goes from the runway across the river and generally enjoyed the scenery.  img_9084

More sun tomorrow and Tuesday, then the snow is back and I see some single digits in the forecast, but we made the most of our “warm” sunshine this weekend!


5 thoughts on “Winter Exercise

    • The dog park is covered in snow but that’s the pic with the water – the Flathead River there. I keep him away from the lake right now because I don’t want him falling through the ice that covers most of it now – how scary would that be?!!!


  1. Great pictures. I think you should harness Coop to the wood sled. Solve several things at one time. Wonderful that equipment is there for you to use. Lucky you know how. You have to figure out when the cute guys come. Of course, you do have to work.


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