Back at It!

School started almost a month ago already, and teams have started traveling around the state for games, running, and golf.  Last weekend I took junior varsity football to Stevensville – Montana’s oldest established white community.


Luckily the schools are close to town so I could hit a few antique stores and take a little walking tour. There are some great old buildings, a small downtown, and a lovely church, St. Mary’s, built in 1847, which they charge to go into, so I didn’t 🙂

IMG_8008This is an historic area for other reasons – Lewis and Clark passed through this area, as did the Nez Perce on their flight from the army, crossing the Bitterroot Mountains on their arduous journey.  This is near the trail where it comes out of the mountains here, and I can’t help but picture Winter Rain, the scared little boy who grew up to be named Thomas Sky Crossing (The Sparrow’s Choice)


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