Odd Timing

The worst of summer, the worst air from fires, and I’m out getting firewood.  It’s called making hay while that sun is shining.  I got info on some available firewood from some clearing that was done just outside of town, so I rushed right out there and met some wonderful folks who hate to see good wood go to waste, so now I’m panic mode to get it – come fall whatever’s left will get burned!  They have twenty acres and here’s part of the view from their house in the first pic.  Today when I went out those mountains were not visible through the smoke that is getting worse by the day.  Just awful.
wood 2
The second picture is an apple tree, all that remains to indicate there used to be a cabin, someone’s home, there along this dry creek.   The current owner’s don’t know how long it’s been gone.  The third pic is my reluctant helpers.  Sara never likes being tied up but three bears visit that apple tree every day and, though I doubt they’d come around while we’re there, no point taking chances!

Saturday I went out to attack the first pile.  It’s really a treat to have neatly stacked wood in workable sizes that you can drive right up to.  (The main house is on the other side of the trees over the top of my truck.)  There is wood to last me years in big slash piles but they gave me this easy pile to start on and I’ve made two trips to bring home what I’ve cut so far, now nicely stacking up in my driveway for when it will be the perfect time to have firewood on hand!



3 thoughts on “Odd Timing

  1. I can’t believe you cut your own wood! Ya Sara does not like thrilled about being tied up!! All there fires everywhere is just awful! 😦


  2. Here’s to making hay!!
    Would love to see those bears having an apple feast. What a find for them! And they aren’t even at their juiciest yet!


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