What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Actually no vacation for me.  I worked, and worked hard.  And, as a surprise, I learned something!  Sitting in the faculty lounge for lunch I scrounge for reading material – there’s a bookshelf full of interesting titles, mostly about art.  One book I pulled out was on famous paintings.  Mind you this is a kindergarten and first grade school.  This book had little arrows pointing out features of famous paintings – like the Mona Lisa.  I never thought much about her, and the fact that she has no eye brows.  I never noticed.  Apparently it was vogue in her time to pluck them all.  And did you know she’s wearing a veil?  I sure didn’t!  Okay, so first graders are ahead of me in art, who cares 😉
To give an idea of some of the bizarre things I did this summer (two weeks of this left) I’ve included two pictures.  One of the school –


I washed every exterior window on that building, including ones on the roof looking into the cafeteria, and most of the interior ones.  There aren’t as many on the south side of the school but enough.  One of the other hard workers removed all the hand and foot holds off this climbing wall in the cafeteria/gym.


I put them back.  Use your imagine, I was told.  Have fun with it!  I tried, I really did.  I also tried recruiting some kids to help and couldn’t even convince them it was fun.  I failed as Tom Sawyer 😦


5 thoughts on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation

  1. All learning is good they say, even Mona Lisa and climbing walls. You should be pretty smart by now but you always were pretty sharp.


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