School Days

For the summer, in addition to the occasional bus trip, trolley drive, and new bookkeeping job, I’m cleaning at one of our schools, the kindergarten and first grade school.  It is not a glamorous job and I wouldn’t recommend it.

IMG_7761There have been some interesting happenings though, unexpected and good for much needed humor, given the circumstances.  I probably spend half my time cleaning and the other half moving furniture, cabinets, desks, chairs, easels, book cases, filing cabinets, and even a plastic fireplace so the carpets can be cleaned.

IMG_7762IMG_7760In the process I’ve rescued  triceratops from a market awning, had a runaway teddy heading for the cafeteria, corralled out of control glue sticks, cleaned up a major train wreck in a hallway and woke up a sleeping bear.

IMG_7763I have moved untold numbers of little plastic chairs and sleeping mats.
IMG_7766I wonder what class in college teachers learn that primary colors are such a necessity to child education?

IMG_7767That I don’t dream in red, yellow and blue is a miracle, though I did dream one night of missed erasers and sequins in a corner after vacuuming.

IMG_7764School has totally changed since I went.  No more blackboards and chalk.  There are white boards and smart boards and computers in every room.  There are rocking chairs and bean bag chairs and toy kitchens.  There are stacks of toys and games, puzzles and Legos.  One room has a red-eared turtle named Michael Angelo, who begs for food if one gets too close.  The one familiar and comforting thing is the alphabet – still strung around the top of the boards in the front of the classroom, each letter with a matching picture.  A is still for apple and Z is still for zebra – phew!

I will not end the summer any smarter for the three months in school, but I will be in better shape.   Silver linings are sometimes scarce but always there.  🙂


2 thoughts on “School Days

  1. Too funny! And you didn’t even mention the Moose, Bison, & Elk heads on the wall! Those really cracked me up! Wouldn’t see those at St. Theresa’s! ;-}


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