Snow Angels

A million snowflakes keep me company on this gray, winter day. Some days they may plummet, or blow skyward in a confused dance, sticking to the underside of the roof, but today they drift in a leisurely, companionable silence, icy petals tossed down by benevolent angels. They lie down quietly to show me their lacy crystals, catching the soft light to shine like white jewels.

My favorite author, Rick Bass, says snow is like wealth, piling up like endless riches! That makes me a very wealthy woman! I took the dogs down the back today. I wore my snowshoes and still it was treacherous, er, rather, overwhelming in its richness, a deep, powdery prosperity! I worked up a sweat – hard work trudging through all that abundance.

I hear the snow angels are going to be a little more aggressive the next few days, not gentle tossing of flakes but heaving mounds of frozen bounty earthward. I will try to take it in the spirit they’re intended and consider myself fortunate πŸ˜‰
snow Collage


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