Holiday Spirit

Home for the holidays, I believe I’ve missed each and every face…celebrate me home. Kenny Loggins

The snow-covered San Francisco Peaks made it real – I was flying home, my other home, for Christmas, past Salt Lake City, past the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, skirting east of the Four Peaks and into Mesa, Arizona. Yes, I was just there in August but Christmas is special and one can’t pass up any opportunities! Though not as warm as I was expecting (had to borrow some layers from Mom) the sun was brilliant and Phoenix was dressed for the holiday. This trip was all about family, fun, and making memories to last. Zane is just a little guy, watching and learning, but hopefully Eva will remember this Christmas – the fun, love, and sharing of her parents, great grandmas, grandmas, aunts and cousins. A fun time was had by all –
And there was such good food!
Mom and I went on a little excursion to Jerome – we bellied up to the bar at the Haunted Hamburger and indulged, then enjoyed the never-changing town, well, except for the old hospital, now a fancy hotel, but the ghosty buildings and skeletal facades are still there. It was doggone chilly, even by my standards.
Though nice now and then to see the saguaros and mesquite, my holiday was over and I was missing my kids. I flew home – to this – yikes – 15 degrees when I landed! I enjoyed the scenery on the way home and was shocked to see a foot of snow at home – I had to walk in from the neighbor’s, who’d already been plowed out. So cold but so pretty – a fine end to a Phoenix holiday to keep the spirit glowing.


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