The Next Step

The winter prep continues. I have several piles of seasoned wood ready to split. While the wood I brought home last week dries in the summer sun, it’s time to split the dry stuff that was cut last year and get it stacked. And it’s June, which means it won’t be getting any cooler, best get it done before it’s too hot! Way better to do it now before it’s 20 degrees and there’s a foot of snow on the ground too! We had a lovely cool morning this week so I got the process started. First, I got everything all set up. Next, I lined up the supervisors by bribing them with chewies.
bribed supervisors
Next, sustenance – for myself and for my help. I get good help and try to treat them well. Warm blueberry muffins usually do the trick. Lois lives next door and between the two of us we’ve split cords and cords of wood. Not to mention the logs we’ve cut down to stove size, sawing and stacking and chatting all the while. Loading, unloading, wheelbarrowing. She laughs at my homemade sawhorse, but it’s held up well for several seasons and we’ll probably use it again next week to cut down the chunks I brought home last week. We make a good team, mountain women taking care of woodcutting chores all by ourselves, keeping our girlish figures.
Wood collage


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