It’s June, Winter is Coming!

I started writing this installment a couple of days ago, just a sentence or two, and didn’t realize how true this title would be. Wood collecting is an ongoing project but I’ve had a little break. I started again for the summer last week and BAM, it turned to winter! We had 42 for a high today! Luckily I brought home some dry wood, though after steady rain for hours I really had to fish through the pile to find some that wasn’t soaked. Today was walk day, so took the kids to the lake, and this was the winter scene there – IMG_6218

I was called twice last week for wood that was ready to be cut and hauled; for some reason wood calls seem to come in bunches. The best score was trees taken down along a new underground utility line going in on a quiet street over by the lake. The trees were right on the road and not that big. The first day I brought the wood home in lengths long enough to move myself and had a pretty good load. And no, I’m not that fat, my woodcutting/dog running pants are way too big but perfectly nice hand-me-downs. 🙂 IMG_6193

The second day I cut the wood to length on the spot, much nicer to leave all the mess there and be done with it when I get home. My two supervisors kept a close eye on me. I cut and tossed and piled and drove along when I was all done and picked up the piles, all told I hauled maybe a third of a cord, and most of it won’t need split – yay! Good calorie burning now, good house warming later, or sooner, depending on the weather. 2014_06_13

I only stopped a couple of times while I was working to take pictures. No sitting down or goofing off for me. That’s only for the supervisors… IMG_6206


6 thoughts on “It’s June, Winter is Coming!

  1. I hope it wasn’t raining while you were loading wood! It sure is now and the snow level is way down. I saw lots of new snow going to Missoula yesterday! Good thing you’re getting your winter firewood now since it seems that winter is back! 😀


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