Fresh beginnings

Having made my resolutions for the year at Thanksgiving, regarding health and better eating habits, I can now use the New Year to focus on an attitude adjustment. Always room for improvement. Calvin and Hobbes are my all-time favorite cartoon characters. Sometimes they are profound, sometimes provocative, always hilarious. Sometimes I get my insight and inspiration from them.
Fixed calvin
Sometimes not 🙂

One of Calvin’s lessons to me is to be a better observer. He pays attention to the world, to the woods where he plays, and to what Hobbes has to say. I resolve this year, again, to be more observant, more appreciative, more present. Life is hard, so it’s important to be aware of any and every instance of pleasure. Things like the ice encrusted faces of my dogs after they’ve been wrestling around out in the yard, squirrel tracks in the snow by the woodpile, and perfectly formed snowflakes when the temperature is just right – if you get real close it’s like a magic show!

I’m also going to work at seeing things from every angle. What may initially seem like a problem or a stumbling block may be that cloud with the silver lining, or there may be an opportunity hiding itself in there. A bit cliché? Maybe. Do they still work? They might if I let them. And if not at least I can say I tried. When the old platitudes don’t suffice I take the kids out for a walk and pay attention. I wouldn’t want to miss ice crystals in the air on a brisk sunny day, or the pine cone crumbs from the Northern Flicker that just flew off, or any other of the bits and pieces of joy I could miss if I get bogged down in pointless worry and negativity.

There’s a wonderful line from the movie Joe Versus the Volcano. Meg Ryan’s character says “…almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to… only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement. ” I want to be one of those people!!! My one and only resolution for 2013!



5 thoughts on “Fresh beginnings

  1. Just love it, you are so good at these it always makes me smile reading them!!
    I hope you have a nice year and 2013 is good to all of us!!


  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! I also find, in the darkness of winter, that it is helpful to look for a moment
    of light. This might be the sun peeking behind a gray cloud for a few seconds, the neighbor’s
    dog running 90 miles/hour straight at me, tail wagging, jumping in delight at the prospect of
    walking with me, or talking with my sister-in-law who makes me burst out in uncontrollable
    laughter. It’s there…..we just have to be willing to look and to explore, like Calvin and Hobbes.
    Happy new year!!!


  3. Great blog Cindy! We must all keep “our sense of wonder”. Yours is clearly alive and well my friend! Happy New year to you!


  4. Here’s to paying attention, looking for hidden opportunities, living in a state of total amazement, and exploring! (with a little chocolate and ice cream thrown in for good measure!) ;-}



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