Love/Hate Relationship

Winter – how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways – on one hand 😊  It’s oh so pretty when the first snows come.  It glistens and sparkles and evokes white holidays.  The quiet is calming and peaceful. 

Cause sometimes it’s darn cold. There’s shoveling. And ice that won’t shovel. And scary roads.

Doggies love snow. It’s good for snorkeling and jumping in. And rolling in and eating and wondering about! What is all that cold, white stuff? Darn, sometimes in gets packed in paws and is hard to get out. Ouch.

Sometimes the cold does funny things!

Sometimes the season makes art out of ordinary things.

It’s great for knowing who comes and goes, and which direction they’re going.

Sometimes there’s magic.

The trick is to relish every gift and remember the trade offs are worth it.  I think 😉


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