Creative Cold

Sometimes the cold weather can be a good thing.   You may have to stretch your imagination a bit but I find myself using it for creative in-the-house-where-it’s-warm time.  Two cold snaps ago I decided my puppy, Coco, needed a little jacket, being under 10 lbs. and us already having single-digit temps.   I came across an old corduroy shirt, the sleeves long worn out but still nice fabric that I’d kept around for who knows what. 

Then “what” happened, and my puppy got a red jacket.  It makes me smile because once upon a time I had my picture taken wearing that shirt posing with my first cocker, about 30 years ago.  Whoda guessed?!

Another future memory is the paintings I made of my puppy’s foot prints, the front ones anyway.  I wanted them to be her baby prints.   I made a piece of art out of Coop’s foot prints several years ago.  It was an outside project on a warm day, him being bigger and more controllable.


Coco was a different story.  I laid everything out on the counter, prepped as I could be for the coming mess.  She had no clue what was going on and wasn’t the least bit interested in knowing or cooperating.  I haven’t groomed her at all yet so her feet are very hairy, in all directions…

…not to mention wiggly and thrashing.  

I got a few good smears out of six or eight tries, not bad all things considered!  Then I had to clean hairy, red-painted feet and the remaining mess.  I picked the best four works of art and finished off three of them, my sister thinking the yellow/orange one looking like leaves. 

It was a fun project from start to finish.  I haven’t decided which one to frame yet but they already make me smile with the memories.  I can’t wait to see what our next cold front will produce!


4 thoughts on “Creative Cold

  1. probably wont have to wait very long. Coco probably appreciates the warmth. Might as well go with the leaves. You are very artistic. Glad you two have so much fun.


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