Creative Juices

I wish I knew the reason that creativity comes and goes.  Mostly mine has been gone lately, though I had a sustained inspiration when I saw a southwest/cabin décor throw on the back of a couch in a high-end tourist shop.  It just so happened that my next stop was to a craft supply/mountain man hangout type of store (so cool) and I saw this small deer hide that just screamed expensive throw 😊  so home it came.


I pondered several weeks about a design, finding more inspiration and ideas in quilt patterns I like and also the self-imposed need to use up some of my current supplies.


20200106_191158 (1) I played around with squares and beads and folded leather.  I measured and thought and measured several times more.  Hard to determine the center on an asymmetrical hide but away I went and started cutting.

Mostly I was pleased at my stick-to-itiveness.  I worked on this for over a month and only put it away once.  I also don’t seem to have a long attention span these days, but I didn’t get bored with it once.  Good for me!  😀

20200311_201730 (1)

I’m pleased with the result.  It’s simple and totally usable with a comfy fleece backing.   I can compete with high-end tourist décor any day…well, any day my creative juices are flowing 😉




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