Brave Duo

We did it!  We  kayaked on the big lake, Flathead.  We didn’t stay long, it was kind of a trial run.  Coop did great!  For most of it 🙂

Big Lake

We left the dock fine.  We looked at houses.  And then he saw it –
Big lake 2
He went into warning mode, head down, growling.  As we got closer to the killer stump the big wimp backed up as far as he could in my lap, scared silly.  We spent some time with the dead thing, touching and sniffing, relaxing a bit, and then came the buoy of terror.  Quite silly, really, but we mastered one buoy and I decided we’d skip the matching one on the other side of the kayak.

He didn’t mind some waves when a big boat went by.  He enjoyed looking at more houses.
Big lake 3
And thank Goodness we made it back safe and sound.  Notch that kayak for another thrilling adventure!



4 thoughts on “Brave Duo

  1. Totally cool. I have seen at least one cat out on a kayak on the harbor, but don’t think mine will ever have that experience.


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