Survived it!

Okay, survived the defensive driving class.  Did I enjoy it?  Not so much.  A good challenge and beneficial, no question, but fun?  Nah.  There were twelve in the group, divided between four instructors.  My group started out in the “monster,” one of those cars with the small wheels on the back that castor around simulating black ice.  We all did many spins getting the hang of it, all that open land spinning wildly, got a little whoozy!  Then on to high-speed curves and running off and on the road, on purpose, in a regular sedan.  Then we did skids on wet pavement followed by evasive steering.  I hit cones with the school bus doing evasive steering – darn!!!  After a lunch break and some graphic videos, we repeated the procedures in a more realistic fashion, slower and with improved control.  This time, though, we used a second school bus and also an ambulance!

Lewistown drivingI met some nice folks and enjoyed the scenery.  The driving school is on an old WWII training base for B-17 bombers.  The big hangar is still there – very cool!

LewistownThe surrounding farms were being harvested of wheat with antelope grazing in the fields.  Thankfully, a nice cloud cover moved in, blessed us with a ten-minute rain that cooled it down and cleared it up.  Instead of the predicted 96 it stayed in the lower 80s!  Will head out bright and early tomorrow and check in when I get home!


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