Gone F ishing

This is my favorite spot,” Everett said.  “Pretty good fishing in that hole over there.”  He pointed to a deep pool in the shade of the big cottonwoods.  Blue damselflies flitted about the reeds in the shade there, adding bright points of color to the washed-out afternoon.  The Sparrow’s Choice
IMG_7637I sure get to go pretty places 🙂  I was joined this time by two other buses for a busy day at the fish hatchery on the Jocko River!  The river was moving fairly fast but there were also ponds, still and quiet.

IMG_7632IMG_7636Because of my need to go exploring, I missed all the info on the facility, which provides rainbow trout stock.  I’ve never seen such big rainbows, and there were tanks of babies in all sizes too.

IMG_7638In my coming and going I saw fish being sketched, heard a lecture on what legends are, fish being fed, and happy kids eating lunch.

IMG_7639No fish were caught.  The only thing we actually brought home were memories of a warm day with friends learning more about how the world works!


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