Over the River

Over the river to Glacier Int’l. Park we went! Lucky for us it was a gorgeous day. Also lucky for us the chaperoning teacher wanted to talk to the kids at Lake McDonald first, so we stopped there briefly. I couldn’t help but take more pictures.

PicMonkey Collage

Then we went the back way out of the park over the North Fork of the Flathead River. There is true wilderness up this road, a rough, dusty road during traveling weather. It’s not uncommon to see bear and elk in this area, and campers must be cautious. Just before it ends at the Canadian border there’s a tiny community with a general store and a bar/restaurant, the Northern Lights. There are no utilities there, save propane for the restaurant, and you can order a fabulous pizza and eat by lantern light.
PicMonkey Collage11

This day we stopped at a lovely camp, a learning “institute” for both kids and adults. I dropped off a class and came back empty so stopped along the way and took a few pics – I just can’t help myself!!!
PicMonkey Collage2


5 thoughts on “Over the River

  1. Would you ever guess you would be driving a school bus to Glacier, dropping off the kids and having a scenec ride home? Good for you


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