Kid Stuff

A gloomy, foggy day hovered overhead as I took a bus-full of kids and adults up to Glacier Park. Taking the shortest way, up the east shore of Flathead Lake, we were treated to great scenery the whole way, despite the fog. It was in the teens when we arrived in West Glacier, very cold and damp. The kids were being treated to snowshoeing and info on weather reading, moisture measuring, local flora and fauna, etc., courtesy of the Park Service. I think the parents that went were very brave 🙂
Kid Stuff

There were no facilities for the waiting bus driver, but I was able to tromp where I wanted – the snow was hard packed and snowshoes weren’t necessary, though I put yaks on my boots for the ice-packed pavement. I ate lunch in a cold bus and by then one hard-core shopkeeper opened for business and was willing to share her warmth with me! The fog moved in and out while I waited, making scenery change by the minute. The sun came out for about fifteen minutes right before we left and I took a bunch more pictures – I couldn’t help myself.
West Glacier
This is my favorite shot; I may print it as a reminder of a fun day when a big kid had a blast!


6 thoughts on “Kid Stuff

  1. They were lucky to have you for a bus driver! I’m sure some of the others wouldn’t have weathered the wait as well 🙂


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