Thrill Ride

I’m in love with anything from the 1800s, the clothes, the lifestyle, the customs…okay, maybe not the lack of proper plumbing, but everything else 🙂 Anyway…turns out my friend, Cindy, has a buggy!!! When she invited me for a ride I floated over to her house – thrilled, giddy, hardly believing I was going for a buggy ride!!!

Cindy had Ruger all harnessed up and ready when I arrived; it looked like quite the accomplishment! I held his head while Cindy hooked him to the buggy and we were ready. Buster came too, of course. There’s a little shelf on the back, maybe for a picnic basket ? and he was happy to ride back there. Such a good boy!

This buggy is actually called a phaeton. It has big yellow wheels and a fringed top and deeply tufted upholstery – a total marvel! Ruger had done this before and he seemed pretty happy about the planned adventure, so off we went! I loved everything about it, the crunch of the big wheels up the gravel road, Ruger’s mane blowing in his self-made breeze, the fringe dancing overhead. It was much smoother than I expected. On top of all that the weather was perfect. We headed down the main road and had a spectacular view of Flathead Lake and the mountains beyond. From this vantage point it was pretty easy to pretend it was really 100 years ago! Next time I’ll have to come up with a vintage dress to wear!

We circled through a couple of quiet streets and along some open ranch land. Cows came running to see us – bunching up at the fence and watching us go by. Hilarious! At one point we stopped so Buster could ride in front with us. He liked the wind in his face, his ears blowing – this was way more fun than hanging his head out a car window!Buggy collage

I’ve taken some great rides in my day, helicopters, biplanes, trains, and ferries, and now I can add a buggy ride – it rates right up there with the rest of them. Do I know how to pick friends or what? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thrill Ride

  1. Here’s to picking great friends! Funny, I didn’t notice Buster in the back the first time I saw that pic. The cows are hilarious. They need to be printed & framed along next to our donkeys! ;-}


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