Two Cindys Trudging in the Snow!

Despite the dicey weather, or maybe because of it, Cindy came over for a planned run for the dogs, visit time for us, hot soup after.   We were well dressed for a nippy 18 degrees and the dogs didn’t notice the cold at all, well, except Coop who has to de-ice his toes now and then.   Definitely a workout, 8+ inches of snow with crust, some deeper drifts, we worked up an appetite!  


Sadly, even after some effort to make my driveway more user friendly, Cindy got stuck at the top.  We took care of that before it got dark.   It just added to the fun and the workout we got, carrying sand and shovels and generally having a good ol’ winter time.   Buster was moral support while we shoveled and sanded, pushed, shoved, shoveled, grunted, and finally unstuck her car.  He was a big help 🙂
After all that I forgot to take a picture at dinner, but it was fun too!



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