Dog Days

We wished for warm, we got hot! We weed and water and wait for the barest of breezes. Summer also brings butterflies and volunteer poppies in the driveway and a pool to cool our tootsies. (Sara has no clue what the ball is for). We take it all with gratitude 🙂

Dog days


5 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. How cute are these pups!!! Love the one with Sara sitting in front of the fan! Pretty flowers and butterfly. 🙂
    It has been raining here weird weather for July!


  2. This is great! Ditto Kathleen’s comment re: Sara & the fan.
    The pool looks empty though! ;-}
    What is that curved looking tree in the ground?


    • I’d just cleaned the pool and wanted to make sure she’d keep using it before I put much water back in. Some days she loves it, some days she doesn’t. That curved chunk of wood is a bench I made out of a salvaged dead tree – love it!


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