Spring Blows In

Whew, blows is putting it mildly! It happens every year and I try not to whine about it but it’s hard! ๐Ÿ™‚ We get lovely rain showers and then the wind comes along and sucks away all that nice moisture, but the grass is turning green anyway, and little wadded up knots of leaves on the serviceberry bushes seem moments away from bursting open. Tiny sprouting bulbs and wild flowers shudder in the wind and I wonder every year how they can stand the constant onslaught. IMG_4708
Fresh leaves on the trees are unfurling into a biting wind chill – they must wonder if winter is really over!

Luckily I finished most of my burning and spring yard cleaning before the winds came, including collecting all the puffs of polyester filling scattered around the dog yard – remnants of shredded Christmas dog toys that had been buried under numerous snow falls. Neighbors would certainly wonder what those were if they saw them blowing across their yard. With all the raking and burning, the only contribution made by the dogs was their sweet company, though sometimes a little grumbly at having to be tied up out in the wind. Notice Coop’s winter coat – he’ll be shaved into his summer coat next week, he’ll look totally different. IMG_4710

In the meantime, we’ll batten down the hatches and hang onto our hats, keep the fire stoked and look forward to those first soft warm days being blown our way!IMG_4714


4 thoughts on “Spring Blows In

  1. Nice pics and words ๐Ÿ™‚ Too bad what blew in last night was snow! I’m ready for the warm stuff to blow in. Who knows, maybe it will tomorrow. Anything can happen in a Montana Spring!


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