This is certainly the moment in our history that is having the biggest impact on my life.  Most historical events during my lifetime happened somewhere else and to somebody else, and I only watched the news on TV or read about them in the paper.   Wars happened, leaders came and went, people flew into space, and economies collapsed.  No one I knew was greatly effected so neither was I.   Now my job is on hold.  Supplies are hard to get, even in my little, remote-feeling Montana town.  I’m glad to be home and secure for the moment with my well-stocked pantry and freezer.  It has certainly made me take stock, think about perspective, and count some blessings.

Look out your window right now – what do you see?  Are there trees leafing out?  Can you hear birds?  Sometimes I see turkeys and they make funny noises 😊


Are you home, safe and warm with enough food to eat?  Do you have family close by, a pet to love?   Thankfully I have Coop!

20191019_171120 (2)

Or are you at a job that you’re grateful for?  Is there coffee there in the morning?  Do you have nice coworkers?  All these things, no matter how mundane or simple, are giant blessings.

Think about your bucket list – how many adventures have you marked off?  What fun things are left on it?  Are they doable?  Can you schedule at least one of them right now?   We need things to look forward to.  I’ve done everything on my bucket list.  I’ve been to Alaska and ridden a bike through a covered bridge in Vermont.   How lucky is that?  Thoughts of those things make me smile despite whatever turmoil is trying to put life on hold.   And there are still things to look forward to.  I have a new bucket list with things that may or may not happen but they’re something to work toward and hope for.  I want to go camping on a beach – totally doable and it’s fun to think about maybe doing that this summer.  Why not?

All of our days are numbered.  That’s not morbid, it’s a fact, so even when history-in-the-making wreaks havoc with life, don’t waste any of it!  Sit down and enjoy your favorite dessert, flip through a photo album and smile, or take a walk after dinner and be glad for all the sights and sounds that you’re able to see and hear.   Then take a nice hot shower.  Life is good 😀

“Every day may not be a Good day, But there is something Good in Every day.”  Alice Morse Earle


6 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. What a lovely and timely reminder! I will certainly take an inventory of all that I have to be grateful for…there is a lot!


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