Silver Linings

August is my least favorite month.  Day after day in the 90s makes me crabby and lethargic, mostly ’cause it’s too hot to sleep.  And the yard is dried up and crispy, and the long-awaited spring and summer weather are sadly over, and thoughts are focused on fall.  If we could just get through August!  We were lucky this year – half of August treated us to cooler temps and some rain!  Go figure.  To be fair, there are a few advantages to the late summer misery and I try to enjoy them as best I can.  Like  –

It’s serviceberry season!  Yay.  You’ve gotta catch them just right.  I watch them on our walks around the lake.  Can’t be too green, can’t be drying up and shriveled.  I didn’t go hog wild this year but picked enough to make some tasty syrup with a one-of-a-kind taste.  Yum, worth the trouble but Coop didn’t understand the fascination at all!

service berry collage

He’s a little happier going kayaking.  Only a little though.  Stumps are a threat and there’s lots of splashy things in the water he doesn’t understand.   Coop’s a trooper though and mostly glad to be out with mom, and always manages to get himself and mom soaked.  I know he laughs inside 😊

Kayak collage

It’s also finish-up-chores season.  This year my deck was ready for sanding and staining.  Yuck, but so nice when it’s done.

Deck collage

In the mornings I’ve been sitting on my freshly stained and rearranged deck and enjoying the fruits of my labor.  And my garden.  August heat does wonders for homegrown tomatoes and there’s not much better than home grown veggies.


The throbbing days will continue for another six weeks or so.  It won’t be long after and I’m sure I’ll be looking back and wishing for some of their warmth.   When that happens I’ll do a silver linings blog on the advantages of winter again, and please be patient with my rantings 😉



9 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. WOW! What a difference! That deck was quite the undertaking! And things sure don’t look crispy! Quite beautiful I’d say!


    • An advantage of potted plants on the deck is that they get enough water. The rest of the yard is on a slant and pretty hard to keep watered. Fall has to come though, and things do go dormant and dry up 😦


  2. The berries look a lot like blue berrries. The before and after pictures of your deck are very impressive. You are impressive. I wish I had one of your tomatoes. Probably wouldnt recognize the flavor. Coop looks like he is all ready for a ride. Hes very patient.


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