Summer Summary

Labor Day weekend – the end of a long, hot summer. We all hate to rush it by, it will be cold soon enough, but still!!! It’s ending on a sad note in Montana with fires and smoke and continued worry of more. Losses have been great, including swaths of Glacier Park and one of her chalets. Still much to be grateful for and Coop and I had some fun and made the most of it.

Cherry picking is a summer staple!


Hanging out on docks is too!2017_05_04.jpg

As well as a rodeo and a couple of road trips!


We did some artwork, though I enjoyed it more than Coop did 🙂

Coop art.jpg


We hiked on our favorite trail, cool and wet!

North Crow.jpg


Hung out by the golf course – getting firewood!


We kayaked at sunset on the little lake!


We kayaked and picnicked in the smoke on the big lake!


Yellow Bay.jpg

We count our blessings, made the most of it, and it’s time to move on!



5 thoughts on “Summer Summary

  1. This looks so peaceful and beautiful! My parents took us cherry picking when we were little, that was so fun! Cooper, looks like he is enjoying himself!!


  2. Thanks for this little bit of light! Love the artwork with Coop! Two questions: is that Yellow Bay (smoky day)? And where is your “favorite trail”? Looks wonderful!! Nancy


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