Pack of Two

Now that it’s just the two of us, we are trying new things.  Today’s adventure was kayaking!

I’d taken Cooper once a long time ago, before Sara, and he didn’t like it much, rocking the boat, barking at stumps, fretting over falling out.  But I need a kayaking buddy so we gave it another try.  I thought the little lake where I live was a good starting place, small and calm.  It’s that perfect time of year, that transition between spring and summer.  Birds are active, turtles are snoozing in the sun, and everything is still lush.  Right off we saw turtles.  Coop looked here, then over there…


We saw yellow-headed blackbirds and ruddy ducks.  We startled a merganser with a bunch of fuzz-ball babies that went hysterical and I couldn’t get a picture.

Lake birds

We saw turtles and more turtles.

More turtles

Cooper was like a kid, checking everything out, head cocked, ears alert.  He definitely seemed to enjoy the ride more this time, and we’ll be brave and try the big lake next time.  Stay tuned…


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