A Day at the Ranch

Boy, I found out much work a horse can do – every ranch should have one! Cindy brought Ruger over the other day to haul wood up the hill for me. Some of it was so far down the back I had decided it wasn’t worth hauling up. None of it was cut to stove length, so what I wanted to use I’d have had to take the chainsaw down, cut it to length, and then bring it up a piece at a time. I like to have something to haul up when I run the dogs down there – added weight, added calorie burning, but sometimes enough is enough 🙂 Cindy and Ruger made light work of getting that wood up, and he and Cindy both seemed to enjoy it! It was one of our last exquisite Indian Summer days.


Today I split more wood and my pile grows! I’m almost ready for the coming cold!


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