Happy Birthday, Cassidy!

At Sunday’s writing group, for one of our ten-minute free writes, we were given the phrase “my best pet…” So I wrote a quick essay about mine. I didn’t realize until this morning what a coincidence that was, having my little girl fresh on my mind, because today is Cassidy’s birthday! Here’s what I wrote:

My best pet was also my best friend and soul mate. Yes, just a dog, but really a little person inside a black cocker outfit. She and I survived a marriage and divorce, then took off on our own to see the West. She was my partner when I went to Alaska, providing comfort, companionship, and moral support. Not to mention a bed warmer and sharer of meals. She rode ferries with me to work, passed judgment on boyfriends, and kept me in shape.

When she was too old for our many jaunts, she was my backpack buddy. If I was riding my bike she kept an eye out the back. If we were hiking I wore my backpack across my chest so we could discuss trail conditions, where to best cross creeks, and when to break for lunch.
Fixed Cass
When she went to doggie heaven, the hole she left was immeasurable, barely smaller after fifteen years.


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cassidy!

  1. A lovely tribute to a lovely girl. Wish I could have known her! Sounds like Cooper and Sara have some big shoes to fill!


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