Winter Uh Oh!

Whew, I think the hill behind my house has gotten steeper! Just a month ago I was dragging tarps full of needles down to my burn pile and to cover up some weed patches. It was plenty hot even then for going up and down that hill but I did it fine, 3 or 4 times a day! I’m not really sure what’s happened since then. Today bringing the dogs back up after they had a good run I was huffing and puffing, I had to stop twice!!! What’s going on here? Hmm. Could luxuriating inside on foggy, wet days by the fire have something to do with it? Sleeping to the last second on chilly mornings before work instead of running the dogs could figure in there. What about that stuffing and mashed taters on Thanksgiving? I’m on my second Marie Callender’s pie in a month and had a homemade apple one last week. Hmm.
Most yard work, wood collecting, and mountain hikes have all but ceased. I did split wood yesterday, though, maybe a third of a cord. Don’t give me too much credit, I used an electric splitter, but there’s still lots of bending, stacking, and wheel-barrowing. After all the cleanup I felt I’d done a good afternoon’s work.
Every year I’m determined to start my resolutions early, winter resolutions, long before New Year’s resolutions – like keep up on my exercise, watch what I eat, go out and chop a few chunks of wood now and then, the old-fashioned way, swinging an ax for some calorie-burning heat. Every year these resolutions become more important. I’m not getting any younger here!
I needed to change into clean pants after our walk today, and dug out my warm winter cords. That’s funny, they seemed to have shrunk over the summer. Uh oh!


6 thoughts on “Winter Uh Oh!

  1. Great blog Cindy. I love the picture, it just reminds me of you. I like your style! Keep up the great work, both physical and mental. We are all getting older thanks to God!


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